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New communication channel

Using Try On You can be still in connection with Your clients and respond for Their needs. Multiple tools in Our panel give You possibility to sent notifications, discounts, information to Your clients. Now You can analyze and react straight for customers behaviors in Try On app.


Give your customers
opportunity to try on online
create account

Send messages straight to Your client

Personal notifications

Notify customers about new discounts, sales, new products and promotoions straight on their phones, still be in touch with Your clients.

Client analyze

Better customer understending is chance for bigest sale, going into clients tatse using information from Try On about them.


Invite Your client to Your shop when he will be in area by using automatic geolocation notifications.

Respond for customer behaviors

Products likes

Watch likes of Your products and respond for them encouraging customers for buying YOur products by app.

Brand followers

Thanks brand follow You build customer community to give notifications about news and discounts in Your store.

Social media

App users have possibility to share Their stylizations in social media like Facebook or Instagram, They can promote Your brand in this way.